Danse Demain

Danse Demain


Featured in the Dance Enthusiast magazine

Dance IMPRESSIONS: « Danse Demain » (Dance Tomorrow), a Dance Film Directed by Dounia Zellou.

Article written by Ann Moradian.

“What if dance had a new role to play in our societies?” Dounia Zellou explores this question in her film, Danse Demain (Dance Tomorrow). Studies continue to verify dance’s physical and mental health benefits, yet dance is seldom integrated into institutions like hospitals and businesses. While dance does exist in schools and universities, it often seems to be marginalized, underfunded or included as an afterthought. With participation from an array of dance experts in France, Danse Demain highlights the powerful role dance can play in healing, connection, communication, and developing a sense of agency, wellbeing, vitality and joy.


A l’occasion de la fête de la musique nous avons le plaisir de partager avec vous une interview exclusive avec Omar ENFEDAQUE, le compositeur principal de la bande sonore de Danse Demain pour en savoir plus sur son processus de création. A découvrir dès maintenant !