Danse Demain

Danse Demain

Organizing a screening

Would you like to organize a screening of Dance Tomorrow, a cinema debate, or workshops in your organization?
That’s possible! We offer various packages around the documentary Dance Tomorrow – from screenings to organizing collective intelligence workshops and dance sessions to help you and your organizations meet their human and organizational development goals through dance and movement. For more information on our packages, please contact us.
©Chloé Signès
©Chloé Signès

Past and upcoming screenings

– May 21st at Maison de la Conversation in Paris (France)

– April 25th, 2024 at Mosa Ballet School in Liège (Belgium)

– January 24th, 2024 at Maison Française – University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States)

– March 19th, 2024 online

– December 8th, 2023 at Céline Boura’s art gallery in Paris (France)

– October 20th, 2023 online

– September 27th, 2024 at Forum 104 in Paris

– July 6th, 2023 online – international premiere
– June 20th, 2023 at Forum 104 in Paris for the official release of the documentary

– Thursday, June 1st at Forum des Images for the French premiere release of Dance Tomorrow

Private and public screenings are regularly scheduled worldwide (United States, Canada, Ireland, France…). To stay informed about Dance Tomorrow news and public screenings organized with our partners, we invite you to subscribe to our Newsletter.

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