Danse Demain

Danse Demain

Dance Tomorrow

Dance Tomorrow is a documentary essay that highlights the benefits of dance on human beings, physical and mental health, and questions the place of dance in the society of tomorrow.

In the documentary, you will find philosophers, dancers, dance therapists, choreographers, artists, researchers, dance teachers, and entrepreneurs, coming to testify and share their expertise and experience on the subject.

Dance Tomorrow offers an invitation to reflect together on the integration of dance into our systems and organizations – especially schools/universities, businesses, and healthcare systems – to accompany the human and organizational transformations of our era.

Directed by Dounia ZELLOU

With kind participation of (in alphabetical order):
Klara BEYELER, Sheherazade BOYER-TAMI, Patrick GERMAIN-THOMAS, Isabelle LAYER, Christine LEROY, Paloma LOPEZ, Clint LUTES, Suzanne MEYER, Clément NOËL, Fleur PROFINET, Bolewa SABOURIN, Chang-Thona SO, and Catherine VASEY.

Production Manager: Emilien HOUPPERMANS

Cinematography: Doryane PROMPSY, Nicolas BEAUVOIS, Penelope ROSE

Sound: Nicolas BEAUVOIS

Sound Mixing: Pascal PIEDBOIS LÉVY

Editing: Doryane PROMPSY

Lead Composer: Omar ENFEDAQUE

Makeup Artist: Cathy PELLETIER

Consultant: Arnaud HUCK

Script Doctor: Natalia RODRIGUEZ FORERO

Photographer: Chloé SIGNÈS

Communication Manager: Diotime GROSOS

Distribution Manager: Lydia SAHLI

Produced by Humanaya© – 2023 – All rights reserved


Dance Tomorrow is the result of a beautiful human adventure, which was made possible thanks to the participation of many individuals and organizations.
A BIG THANK YOU to all contributors!
A BIG THANK YOU to all individuals and organizations who participated in the documentary.
A BIG THANK YOU to our patrons as well as to all the contributors who took part in the crowdfunding campaign and enabled us to finance the post-production!